Video Editing


Motion Graphics

NFL Network



Award of Merit, 2016, Spin
Best Shorts Competition

1st Place, 2013, Best industry educational video
Illumination Engineering Society (IES)

Best Special Effects of 2012, Spies vs. Super Heroes
1st Place – Loss for Words, January of 2012
1st Place – When I Grow Up, May of 2012
Movie Making Throughout the Bay (MMTB)

Best in the Bay, Short Film Festival, Moonlight Run & Blind Therapy, 2006
San Francisco Guardian



Steve Mintz

I currently reside in Los Angeles, doing freelance work in video editing and motion graphics in television, digital, entertainment, reality and more

I have had the privilege of working on some exciting projects such as Super Bowl 50, with the NFL Network, Star Wars and have worked on trailers that were part of award winning material. I have a deep background in pro sports, reality TV, entertainment, corporate, tech and social media. I have also worked on projects for Fortune 500 companies such as Google, Oracle, Chevron and more.

Using Avid and Premiere, I can cut in a variety of styles, such as, comedy, action documentary, narrative, montage, seamless, and more. I can also leverage After Effects, Photoshop, Cinema 4D, Illustrator and others. By the way, I shoot a bit too and have audio recording experience.

I am ideally looking for full-time, regular work, and am open to on-going freelance projects as well.

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